My name is Tammy MacDonald. I am a certified Chocolate Maker and Chocolatier based out of Morinville (Sturgeon County, Alberta). I specialize in producing fine Bean-to-Bar single origin chocolate, creating Bonbons and Bars. I strive to create natural and integral products that you will come back for! Enjoy!

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UPCOMING MARKETS: Feb 19 (Family Day) Morinville Farmers Market. Edmonton Garrison Fitness Center (11-3) March 2, 3 Wholly Handmade. 401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park
Update! Thank you for your patience in waiting for new batches of single origin bean to bar chocolate to be produced! January has been a whirlwind of balancing the production of more chocolate and visiting Big Island Hawaii and cacao farms. See updates and pics of Instagram and Facebook. As new batches of chocolate are born, the planning and release of Valentines Day products are being prioritized! For those of you who have Gift Cards: If you have a gift card, redemption is now available as products are being released.

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Shipping is now available for a flat rate of $18.00. If ordering large orders ($150.00 +) please contact us for an estimate prior to ordering. We will ensure to find the lowest rate. For large orders, please order in advance to allow for processing time. Thank you in advance. Once shipped please allow 4-6 day delivery.

Our Cacao Beans

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Our Beans Au Chocolat is proud to partner with the Mexican Arabica Bean Company (MABCO), a Direct Trade Cacao Bean Exporter and Expert Cacao Bean Analyzer. Au Chocolat uses top quality organic beans (uncertified) and cacao butter from 8 origins around the world, in the making of delicious bean-to-bar chocolate. Columbia, Dominican Republic (Butter), Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Both Au Chocolat and MABCO share the same values regarding quality and ethics. All of our cacao beans are grown, farmed, fermented, and dried with expertise and strict quality practices. Origins Cacao Beans grow 20° north and south of the equator. In each specific region, they can differ in colour, size, genetics and flavour (terroir). Terrior refers to identifiable flavour profiles impacted by regional soil composition, climate and geomorphology. For example Mexican chocolate is slightly earthy, Columbia / Nicaragua, Peru and Vietnam are quite fruity, and Honduras tends to be nutty. There are 4 main types of beans: Criollo Forastero, Trinitario, and Nacional. The most common commercially cultivated bean is the Forastero, typically found in West Africa. These beans primarily make up mass-produced chocolate and lack specific flavour profiles. Our beans from MABCO are predominantly Trintario, with Mexico as Criollo, and Nicaragua with 2 heirloom varieties. These flavourful beans make up only 5-10% of the world's bean production. They are prized for their mix of complex tasty profiles (flavours).


What is Bean-to-Bar? Bean-to-bar means that the chocolate is created directly from the cacao bean. this labour-intensive process requires skill and precision involving roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, and refining. Chocolate making is a rarity and adds a whole new level of expertise. Where do you source your Cacao Beans? Our organic Cacao Beans are ethically sourced, sustainable, and Direct Trade; proudly purchased via the Mexican Arabica Bean Company. What is the difference between a Chocolate Maker and a Chocolatier? A Chocolate Maker makes chocolate from the bean. A Chocolatier makes products with chocolate that is already produced. Do we purchase gourmet chocolate? On limited occasions, we use gourmet chocolate supplied by Cacao Barry. What do we use for colouring? All of our colouring is Non-Azo and naturally derived from fruits and vegetables. Natural colouring is more expensive and harder to work with, however, a much healthier option. We use Roxy and Rich Natural Line. Is there Gluten in our products? All of our Bonbons (with the exception of our Lemon Cheesecake) are gluten-free. That said, we do make a gluten-free version. Our Chocolate Bars are gluten-free with the exception of Aloha Coffee Crunch. Do we produce Dairy-Free, Vegan, and Sugar-Free/Keto products? YES! We have a good selection of vegan chocolate bars and bonbons. See our products under the Vegan/Sugar-Free category. Do we use Corn Syrup in our products? NO! Although corn syrup is widely used for stabilization and preservation, we do not add corn-based additives to any of our products. What Sweeteners do we use? All of our Bean-to-Bar chocolate and most of our fillings are created with organic cane sugar from Brazil. Our sugar-free products are made from a combination of Monk Fruit and Erythritol. Do we use alcohol in our bonbons? We do make some delicious Boozy Chocolates! Some of our ganaches (fillings) contain 1 tsp of pure alcohol per 2 litres of ganache. This helps with preservation. Preservation In addition to the use of natural preservatives, our bonbons are also refrigerated until ready for consumption. At room temperature our bonbons are counter-safe for 2-3 weeks, however, taste much fresher when chilled. Can you freeze and refrigerate chocolate? YES! This is a common practice among chocolatiers when preparing bonbons ahead of time. For example, Christmas preparation for bonbons begins in September! When freezing: Bonbons must be wrapped airtight ahead of time (we recommend 2 ziplock bags) and placed in the fridge for 1-2 days prior to bringing them to room temperature. Sealing chocolate also prevents the transfer of odours in your fridge.

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Our fine chocolates await you locally at the following locations: Charmed Floral Design | St Albert Healthy Solutions | St Albert The Flower Stop & Gift Shop | Morinville